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Instruments for Early Music

Sergei Sheck's Workshop of Authentic Musical Instruments

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Sergey Sheck's workshop is well known in Russia. He has been making instruments since 1979 and has produced over a thousand musical instruments to authentic historical designs. The list includes renaissance recorders, cornamuses, crumhorns, rausñhpfifes, organs, bagpipes and setera.
The key factors that ensure the quality of these instruments are not just the quality of the materials used but also the research that has been undertaken into them in the Library of Schola Cantorum Baseliensis: research rooted in a firm knowledge of European history. Add these together with Sergei's education and experience in the field of engineering (he holds a PhD in Physics) and his practical training in the workshops of The Early Music Shop in Bradford, England, and you begin to understand why these instruments are so successful.

The approach is a philosophical one:

" I don't just make instruments; I play them and teach people to play them so that they feel them. My instruments become alive in the music."

Sergey Sheck

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