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Bagpipe in European tradition

Bagpipes in European tradition

Models: one or two drones (g, G), chanter with one tong beating reed from plastic, bag — leather, hand made with natural sealing.

Features: very easy to play even for women and children, fully in tune for A=440, drones easy to tune.

We made 45 instruments

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It is Spanish (Galician) bagpipes. We make an instrument with one, two and three drones (C, G, c). All reeds including chanter reed are plastic. For chanter it is possible to order additional cane reed. Our Gaita is "low pressure/long play" instrument. In all other respects it is typically Spanish. Wood: maple, pear. Color of drones and chanter — from black to white through all tints of brown. Bag — leather, natural sealing. We made 55 instruments

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Highland bagpipesHighland bagpipes

As a result of a very long cooperation with Scottish bagpipers we began to make typically Scottish instrument. We prefer natural materials, that's why we do not use gortex, plastic rings and so on, only good and seasoned wood, good leather, horn and silver for rings and lids. Frequency ("C" in bagpipers understanding) is 470–478 Hertz that is good for playing in bands of nowadays.

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